Since 2007, Viacom has been against net neutrality. They want the government out of the way so that they can continue making as much money as possible! Free market rocks!

Except when they want the government to help them.

In a recent story by the New York Times, it is noted that Viacom is now (and has been) sending lobbyists to government officials in the hopes of persuading them to help Viacom with negotiations against such cable companies as Suddenlink. Since October of last year, Suddenlink has dropped all Viacom channels due to the price increase that Viacom was asking for in new negotiations. Suddenlink refused, citing deteriorating ratings at the networks.

So, rather than continue negotiating with Suddenlink, what are they doing? E-Mailing politicians in one city apparently:

“We’re eager to talk with you at your earliest convenience about how we might be able to help you reverse Suddenlink’s unpopular and unnecessary move,” read the email, which came from the government relations team at the Smith Anderson law firm in Raleigh. The message denounced the replacement channels that Suddenlink had added, calling them “inferior” and saying that it was “unfair” that the cable operator had not provided discounts to its customers. – New York Times

In a rather shocking move, the politician spoke with Viacom’s lobbyist but decided not to do anything since he preferred that the government should stay out of such an issue.

Suddenlink had made a business decision, he said, adding that customers had other options — online and satellite services — if they didn’t like what the cable operator offered. – New York Times


Then again, this really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Viacom is the same company sending out SpongeBob SquarePants to fight back against those unwilling to pay Viacom a ridiculous amount of money for channels with falling ratings.

So, GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR LIVES…..except when it benefits us and hurts everyone else.