The city of Rancho Santa Fe, California, is tired of their current broadband speeds. So, they have moved forward on plans to build their own “fast, reliable fiber-optic network.”

In fact, as one city board member noted at a recent city meeting, businesses in the area are likely 100% in agreement that they needed improved broadband. This comes after a survey that showed that half of the city residents were unhappy with their broadband and 70% thought that broadband would be a deterrent to moving to their area.

Initial studies show that it would cost $14 million to build and own the entire network. Rancho Santa Fe has no interest in providing actual service to homes but wants to have the network at their disposal so that ISP’s can use it to provide service to the cities residents.

Why not just ask private companies to do this? Well, they tried that.

Companies like Time Warner and Cox have said they would do the project for $30 million — the Association would pay, and they would come in and get the subscribers and all of the revenue. – Rancho Santa Fe Review

No wonder the city wants to just build it themselves.

As one broadband committee member noted, they were tired of being “held hostage” by these large companies who don’t like Rancho Santa Fe’s sparse population demographics. As the Rancho Santa Fe review noted, for less money, the city could build its own system and own it, or lay off the development rights and still participate in the revenue.