Verizon customer service strikes again. WUSA in Washington DC has a story of a Verizon customer who is blind and yet continues receiving bills from the telecom company that she can’t read.

For two months, she has called Verizon and told them that she is unable to read the bills being sent to her because she is blind. Verizon’s response? Oh well.

WUSA 9 anchor and consumer correspondent Lesli Foster asks Charles, “Has anyone at Verizon offered an alternative to Ms. Smith?”

“No,” he says.

“Have they offered a Braille alternative?,” she asks.

“No mam,” says Charles.

“Have they offered anything that might help Ms. Marie access her bills,” Lesli asks.

“I have asked them several times is there an office that helps customers with disabilities and I was told there’s no such thing,” Charles says. – WUSA

Except, Verizon has a program for people exactly like this woman called the Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities.


Thankfully, after WUSA called Verizon about the situation, Verizon apologized to the customer and agreed to have a representative call Marie to read her bill to her each month and they granted her a $60 credit on her account.

Sadly, chances are high that this exact situation happens often all over the country. But unless a customer has a TV news show publicly helping them, their situation will likely never get resolved.