In 2012, Verizon and RedBox agreed to launch Redbox Instant, which was supposed to compete against Netflix. Unfortunately for them, the service was a massive failure and was never able to compete against Netflix.

As Karl Bode of DSLReports has written about extensively, services run by cable companies have never actually competed against Netflix because the cable service won’t want to offer a truly disruptive, high-quality and inexpensive over the top platform for fear of cannibalizing traditional TV revenues.

But that hasn’t stopped Verizon from trying again. According to Fast Company, Verizon is attempting to enter the video streaming business with an unnamed streaming service. What we do know is that the service will host content from AwesomenessTV of DreamWorks with more than 200 hours of new shows. Outside of that, details are scarce.

With Dish Network recently launching Sling TV and HBO beginning to offer their service directly to consumers, customers are beginning to see more video options with or without a cable subscription.