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Usually, when I am about to write about a company’s terrible customer service, I would cite a number of different examples of such terrible service. With Comcast, do I really need to do that? If you browse the internet, chances are good that you have seen the countless horror stories of Comcast customers trying to get help from Comcast.

Whether it is outright lying to their own customers, calling their own customers vile names on their bills or cashing rent checks from poor Comcast customers, Comcast is without any doubt home to the worst customer service in the country.

Now, we have yet ANOTHER example of just how terrible the customer service is thanks to In a story written by Jeff Gelles, he details how multiple Comcast customers wrote to in the hopes of having their issues resolved. It worked…..until recently when the moves backfired on them.

Situation #1:

Edmond Tiryak thought his problems with (Comcast) had finally been solved. He’d been fighting more than two months to get a $215 refund – owed, he said, because the company had billed him erroneously even though it never actually managed to connect his new service for weeks after he moved.  The last straw was a $215 bill for service never rendered. After the PR staff helped, Tiryak thought his small consumer nightmare was over – confident the charges had been zeroed out as promised, in part because the last assurance he got was the first to include a person’s name and phone number. But you can always count on those zombie movies for yet another twist. Yesterday, Tiryak got a formal debt-collection letter – now for $292 – from Southwest Credit Systems in Carrollton, Texas . Tiryak wrote: “You believe these guys?” –

Situation #2:

Ambler resident Sara Hertz – “I returned all my Comcast equipment and cancelled all of my service in November. Comcast owes me money. Instead, I am billed monthly and Comcast now believes that I owe them more than $600. I just got off the phone with them to attempt (once again) to address this and was told that their billing system was down and that I would need to call them back in two hours.” My situation is not yet resolved. After getting my bill “down” from my owing them $600+ to their owing me $48 (all for service I cancelled in November, 2014), Comcast is now saying that I owe them $50. I haven’t mustered the energy to call and re-engage with them on this yet. So yes, I’d be happy to have my issue forwarded to them. –

Turns out that both people were happy to see their Comcast issues resolved after wrote about it but STILL haven’t actually gotten the issues truly resolved. As bad as Comcast is with resolving complaints at first, they are just as bad when their customer specialists get involved.


So, how does this author feel about what Comcast customers can do with their complaints going forward?

I have to warn you now, though, that light-handed federal and state regulation of cable companies pretty much means they all just do what I did: forward the complaint to Comcast and hope for the best. –

Sounds like a company that I want running a cable and broadband monopoly in this country.