Several days ago, Sprint announced their “all in” pricing plans which offered new customers unlimited data, text and voice for $60 a month, plus a $20 device leasing fee. What was’t publicly announced was how Sprint was also including heavy throttling to customers of these new plans regardless of whether their local networks were congested.

Meaning, those wanting to watch YouTube, Netflix and other video sites would be screwed. After intense public backlash, Sprint’s CEO Marcel Claure reversed course…..sort of.

Posting to Twitter, Sprint CEO Marcel Claure said that the company has heard annoyed users and will be lifting the 600 kbps limit on video. Another tweet suggests Claure was sleeping in Tokyo and “took action” once he heard the public outcry. Claure stated Sprint would still manage the network, but failed to precisely specify what that would entail. – DSLReports

So, he heard the fans…..but will still throttle….we just don’t know anything more about it. But was it really the customers outrage that changed his mind?

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Sprint’s practice of throttling video speeds for unlimited customers might attract the attention of the FCC. – PhoneArena

Well, there you go. Expect Spring to continue doing everything they can to push unlimited data customers off those plans and onto the more expensive, monthly data-capped plans.