In 2011, the FCC adopted new data roaming rules that were supposed to help consumers save money and give smaller wireless carriers more freedom to expand their roaming capabilities from the major carriers. Neither happened.

Instead, consumers using barely any data overseas were continuing to be hit with insane fees and major carriers sued the FCC. How dare the FCC try to assert that carriers can’t charge a customer over $200,000 for using her phone while traveling to Canada for two weeks.

Is it any wonder that wireless customers in Europe saw their mobile roaming charges cut in HALF when the European Union introduced reasonable roaming caps. The EU did this after customers from 40 countries repeatedly complained about being hit with ridiculous fees for roaming around Europe when they barely used their mobile devices.

Now, the EU is announcing that they plan on creating a single telecom market across the continent, beginning on June 15, 2017. This means that Europeans won’t be charged with roaming fees when they make mobile phone calls anywhere within the European Union.

Under the agreement, consumers will pay the same price for mobile calls, texts and mobile data no matter where they’re traveling in the European Union. That means the measure will apply to the 28 nations that comprise the EU, including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland and Sweden.

In order to get this plan in place, the EU had to pretend as if they were introducing net neutrality regulations when they weren’t whatsoever. Although the EU is claiming that they agreed with broadband providers to treat all data equally (essentially, no blocking or slowing down data), the amount of loopholes allowing for “specialized services” is astounding.

Then again, we can trust the providers…right?