AT&T rivals Comcast in terms of having arguably the worst customer service on the planet. According to just about every study done, AT&T is almost always at or near the bottom of customer service rankings. Those studies are shown to be spot on when we see AT&T charging grandparents $25,000 for a $51 bill, lying to customers about whether charges will actually be removed from their monthly bill, billing customers for e-mail address that they don’t want and many other things.

Now, we have a new horror story courtesy of AT&T. A longtime AT&T customer wants to switch phone providers. So, she calls AT&T and can’t seem to find the right person to help her cancel her AT&T phone service. In fact, she keeps talking to different people that won’t actually close her account.

After multiple calls, she is informed that there was a “freeze” on her account which prevented changes. As KMOV in St. Louis noted, a freeze is typically put on a phone line when the customer requests it so that scammers aren’t able to place unauthorized charges on the account.

So, just remove it, right? Nah. In fact, she spends weeks talking to numerous people without a single answer.

Try figuring this bill out from AT&T's own forum
Try figuring this bill out from AT&T’s own forum

Thankfully, once the news station got involved, the problem magically got fixed. Well, how about that!

AT&T told News 4 Investigates the confusion was all due to a service representative with incorrect information. The employee has since been retrained, the company said, and they have apologized to Shenker. – KMOV

If only AT&T treated all customers as if they were a news station.