Yesterday, Comcast wanted the world to know that they were increasing speeds at no additional cost for the “majority” of its customers in New England and throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Although that sounds great, the disingenuousness of Comcast passing this off as some sort of “free” gift to consumers is amazing.

As many Comcast customers have already noted, their prices have been increasing repeatedly in the last year. In fact, Comcast began 2015 by announcing (per StopTheCap) a significant rate hike for most Comcast customers. Rate hikes that many didn’t even know would occur until mid-December.

“While we continue making investments in our network and technology to give customers more for their money, including more video across platforms, better experiences like X1 and faster Internet service, we periodically need to adjust prices due to increases we incur in programming, business costs and new technology. On average, nationally, the customer bill will increase by 3.4 percent.” – Bob Grove, Comcast’s vice president of public relations

In one area of the country, Comcast customers saw their first 2015 bill include additional charges if they:

  • Used a DVR
  • Purchased one of several common TV packages monthly
  • Needed a service call
  • Owned a house with an outlet (activation fee for this went up)
  • Upgraded their service to a package requiring an in-home visit
  • Had Comcast service in general thanks to a Broadcast TV surcharge,
  • Rented a modem from Comcast
  • Lived in an area with Comcast service that had a regional sports network.

Then there was the price increase for other Comcast subscribers in the South several weeks ago.

A Limited Basic rate hike between $1-3 a month, a Standard Cable increase of $1 a month, a $2 hike in HD DVR Service (was $8, soon to be $10), a $1 Regional Sports fee, a $1.75 a month increase in the Broadcast TV Fee (this varies widely in different Comcast markets), and a $3 increase in the cost of Blast! With XFINITY TV or Voice Service (was $67.95, now $70.95). The modem rental fee remains unchanged at $10/mo. – StopTheCap

Or how about those Comcast customers in Florida who had TV channels taken from them last month without notice, only to be told that they could have the channels back but only if the customer upgraded their TV package.