In Dinuba, California, ABC30 brings us a story of many AT&T customers having wireless connection problems for a month now. Those customers have complained to AT&T and gotten…shockingly…nowhere. AT&T reps keep telling customers that the problem is with the cell towers and that is about all the information they are being given.

“Obviously something happened,” Cristy Myers said. “Why can’t they fix it? Four weeks ago, this is what started happening.” – ABC30

Another AT&T customer told ABC30 that they have “spent hours on the phone with AT&T trying to get some sort of answer.”

Obviously, AT&T is working hard on a solution, right?

AT&T tells Action News it’s not currently aware of wireless network issues in Dinuba. – ABC30

While AT&T hears no evil and sees no evil, those damn customers continue speaking of the evil. There is a reason that AT&T continues finishing near the bottom of every legitimate customer service/satisfaction survey. AT&T wireless problems are something that just about every part of the country has been dealing with for many years.