Watching Comcast continue to publicly talk about wanting to fix their customer service rankings is getting tiresome. Their new CEO has told everyone how much they would change, their past CEO has told everyone how much they would change, other executives tell everyone how much they would change and even their blog has promised how much they would change.

Yet, nothing changes. Comcast still finishes dead last in all customer surveys/rankings. Comcast employees continue making the news for falling asleep at customer homes, murder, digging in the wrong yard, blowing up laptops, dishwashers or homes — or even animal cruelty.

Now, we are told that Comcast has REALLY found the way to fix their customer service ranking!

Thursday, Comcast is officially opening Studio Xfinity, a prototype retail store aimed at improving the cable giant’s customer service experience and reputation. – Chicago Tribune

Right. Because when my internet doesn’t work, TV doesn’t work or phone doesn’t work…..I want to get into my car and drive to a store to explain the situation.


But maybe some of you all think I am being too hard on Say, how is Comcast going to open the store?

Thursday’s events will include an appearance by the ubiquitous Minions at a 9 a.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony. The “Minions” movie, which opens this weekend, is from Universal Pictures, a Comcast-owned company. The characters will also be at the store on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, visitors will have a chance to win tickets to the Taylor Swift concert July 19 in Chicago. – Chicago Tribune

There you go.