Fuck Time Warner Cable

As I wrote about the other day, Time Warner Cable was ordered to pay a woman $229,500 for calling her hundreds of times even though she wasn’t even a TWC customer.

Now, a Portland man has filed a federal lawsuit against Time Warner Cable claiming they called him over 30 times in less than a month for a delinquent account that wasn’t even his since he didn’t have TWC service.

Kirk Gayton … did not have a Time Warner account. Neither did anyone in his family. So he phoned the company and explained he had a new phone number and that they had the wrong guy. The robocalls continued – four more in the next five days. Gayton answered the last of them and again told a cable representative he did not have an account with the company. Time Warner Cable placed at least 25 additional automated or prerecorded calls between Feb. 13 and March 9, his lawsuit alleges. – OregonLive

It is reasonable to be suspect of lawsuits like this but assuming that there is evidence of these calls (which shouldn’t be hard to reproduce), Time Warner Cable is likely to continue facing these types of lawsuits. As an example, OregonLive found others coming out and admitting that they have recently settled lawsuits with Time Warner Cable over constant robocalls.