centurylink_logo_297Johnstown officials in Ohio say that in February of this year, they asked CenturyLink to move their utility lines out of the way on a specific road. The reason for the move was due to the city starting a major construction project that included a roadway reconstruction, a new storm sewer, new water lines, a sidewalk installation and a new ditch configuration.

One issue…..it has been 6 months now and CenturyLink still hasn’t touched the poles, underground lines and cables while everything else has been put together. Local gas companies and other contractors have somehow managed to complete everything they could but are now simply waiting on CenturyLink.

Not to worry though as once the local newspaper reached out to CenturyLink, they actually got a date for removal….today. Or so they say…..

She also said she was informed Columbia Gas was planning to move its lines Monday, July 13. – ThisWeekNews

CenturyLink has long been known to cut whatever corners they can when it comes to their utility lines. In Phoenix, AZ, CenturyLink was called out for “installing replacement lines across public streets, on fences, and in one case even wedged between a pavement crack.”