In 2008, Verizon came to an agreement with New York City to wire all five boroughs with FiOS service by June 2014. That didn’t happen. According to Verizon, they didn’t fulfill this agreement because they didn’t have to due to small print in the agreement which simply tapped Verizon on the hand for not complying with the agreement.

Even today, there are more than 40,000 requests for service pending by New York City residents for Verizon FiOS service, roughly 75% of which has been outstanding for 12 months or longer. By some estimates, Verizon is struggling to wire simply half of the city and have no plans to expand their FiOS service.

Now, officials in Cheektowaga, NY are asking the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) to force Verizon to install FIOS in the central part of their town. On July 6, the Cheektowaga Town Board unanimously adopted a resolution calling on New York State and the PSC to take action.

One of the reasons for this resolution was due to the absurd way that Verizon was simply picking and choosing parts of the city to wire with FiOS. As WKBW reported, FIOS is available in the northern and southern part of Cheektowaga. But the central part (including the Buffalo International Airport, Cheektowaga Schools, and business industrial areas) is not wired with fiber lines.

WhereIsMyVerizonFiOSWhen Verizon was asked to respond to the request, they did so in typical Verizon fashion….claiming they are doing what they must be doing legally….setting no timetable whatsoever….and blaming others.

Much like Verizon did in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Verizon accepted millions of dollars in tax breaks to wire the area and then delivered little if anything for most of those paying Verizon for the service.