Over the last few years, we have seen countless telecom providers publicly talk about how happy their own customers are with the services purchased. Nevermind that the providers rank near bottom of every customer satisfaction survey.

Time Warner Cable made news last year when their CEO publicly mocked the notion that his customers wanted 1 Gbps service. He mentioned how few customers were currently purchasing the top-tier speed packages while leaving out the fact that the reason for such little interest in those top speeds was due to the insane monthly price of the service.

In Louisville, the city was so fed up with Time Warner Cable that they publicly solicited bids to bring competitors into the city. Time Warner Cable responded by telling the city that the residents didn’t really need faster speeds. Time Warner Cable has a city blatantly begging for faster speeds and yet they still seem to believe that they can continue offering expensive and slow Internet speeds.

Time Warner Cable isn’t alone either. Comcast has tried telling customers that they don’t need 1 Gbps service. Verizon has tried telling customers that they really don’t want unlimited data plans.

Now, providers seem a bit shocked at what happens when they offer faster speeds at somewhat reasonable prices…..customers buy them!

Hawaiian Telcom in June became the latest in a string of telcos to introduce a 1 Gbps service. And like its fellow mainland telcos such as CenturyLink it, too, is seeing the phones ring for all of its broadband service tiers. – FierceTelecom

Both CenturyLink and TDS Telecom were also shocked when they begin to offer 1 Gbps service in/around Nebraska and shortly thereafter had customers wanting quicker speeds across the board.