Last week, Time Warner Cable was ordered to pay a woman $229,500 for calling hundreds of times even though she wasn’t a TWC customer. Then, a Portland man filed a federal lawsuit against TWC claiming they called him over 30 times in less than a month for a delinquent account that wasn’t even his since he didn’t (nor hadn’t) have TWC service.

Now, it is Comcast’s turn.

A Philadelphia woman is suing Comcast, saying the company flooded her cell phone with robocalls for most of a year — long after she’d paid a bill in question, and long after she’d asked the company to cease the practice. – PhillyMag

As the attorney for the woman noted, she was called one or two times a day for 10 months. When the woman answered the phone, she was greeted with an automatic system that transferred her call to a live rep of Comcast. Then there were the calls from Comcast’s debt collectors.

All of this after she told Comcast that she had paid the bill already.

It shouldn’t come as that big a shock that Comcast has faced this issue before. Last year in California, a man filed a federal suit against Comcast for repeated robocalls that he explicitly asked to stop.