NokiaLogoNokia CEO Rajeev Suri has a lofty vision for what 5G technology will entail in the future. According to Suri, 5G technology will solve the many inefficiencies that exist across industries, help people save time, make life more convenient and solve all issues with world hunger. Ok, maybe not the last part but we might as well throw it in there.

During a “Road to 5G” keynote session, Suri stated that 5G technology will help reduce the amount of people killed in auto accidents every year by being a central point in autonomous cars, help hospitals deal with data issues and help with likely security issues ahead. He didn’t elaborate much more though on how exactly these issues would be helped.

But anyway, what won’t 5G do? Last year, the vice president of the European Commission publicly admitted that he had “no idea” what 5G technology was but still saw 5G “as a potential cure for youth unemployment.” Brilliant.

Wireless operators and vendors haven’t defined fifth generation wireless networks (5G) yet (yes, it has been “predefined” as 20Gbps, that will change though going forward), but that’s certainly not stopping them from hyping their deployment of it — even if they’re not really even sure what it is yet. In the last year, we have seen carriers announce “4.5G” and “Pre-5G” technology and island’s vying for the first 5G network. In reality, carriers are simply marketing 5G packages that include speeds that barely reach what is defined today as 4G.