ComcastMonopolyEvery time that I think Comcast customer service couldn’t get worse, I read another story that just makes me shake my head and realize that somehow, someway it is in fact getting worse.

In today’s Comcast news, KATU has a rather unbelievable story about a Portland woman who was having her Comcast Internet and cable service transferred to her new home in Northeast Portland in February. She was initially told by Comcast that the payment of the install would be put on her first bill (at her new location).

But when the Comcast installer came to her house, he installed the service and then demanded “payment”. When she told the installer that she was told previously that she would pay for the installation on her bill, the installer repeated….”You’re going to need to pay me…..I can’t leave until you pay me”

As the customer told KATU, she wasn’t given much of a choice as she was at the house by herself with someone demanding money. The customer wrote the installer a $170 check and was told by the installer to leave the “to” line blank. After writing the check, the installer immediately left the house and cashed it in his own name and not Comcast’s name.

She then talked to Comcast on their web chat and was told that everything was fine and that the amount would be credited to her account. It never was…..Comcast had outright lied to her. Following some time, she decided to call Comcast. It was only then that she was told that she has been ripped off.

In response, Comcast did what Comcast is best known for….put the blame squarely on others rather than themselves. Comcast provided this statement to KATU: “Comcast is sorry that an employee with a third-party contracting firm inappropriately asked customers to provide up-front payment for services.” Comcast also gave the customer a one-month service credit.

south-park-cable-companyRest assured….the chances of anything changing at Comcast is zero. This type of thing will likely continue because many people will pay the amount to a demanding installer and never complain to Comcast…..and even if they do, Comcast will likely lie to them. Comcast already has a rich history of illegal cash payments and kickbacks.

In the past, we have now seen Comcast installers leave in the middle of installing equipment, argue with consumers about basic installations, disconnect customers of other service providers and sexually assault potential customers.