ComcastDreamSmallLogoWhen Comcast employees aren’t dumping illegally on a customer’s lawn or threatening a new customer for extra money, they seem to be busy trying to find new ways of screwing over a customer all the while proclaiming that their customer service is going to be fantastic in the near future.

In today’s example of Comcast making a customer’s life miserable, we go to Baltimore. Liberty Voice has a rather sad story of a 20-year Comcast customer being stuck in tech hell thanks to her Comcast service.

To summarize, the woman had internet service issues and got no answers from Comcast after several phone calls. She decided to call the local gas and electric company and found out from them that the wiring done by Comcast was hooked up so poorly that the gas and electric company deemed it “illegal and dangerous.”

She called Comcast several times and again received no answers. She also set up multiple appointments for the wiring but was unable to have an actual Comcast installer come at the scheduled times.

When she would call inquiring as to why no one showed up, she was told that an appointment had never been made. When she would demand to speak to a supervisor, she was told that no one was available to speak with her and heard this every time she called. – Liberty Voice

After filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the FCC, a Comcast tech showed up and fixed the issue. The Comcast tech proceeded to then accidentally cut the house ground wire and steal the outdoor telephone box cover. When the woman called Comcast to complain about everything that had just happened, she was ignored. Again.

You can watch the woman herself explain the situation: