Police in Spain have arrested a man who installed spyware on his girlfriend’s phone so that he could access the entire device. Through the spyware, he was able to track her location at all times, access her Whatsapp messages, see any social network posts/messages and activate the camera/microphone remotely.

The boyfriend apparently gave her the phone as a gift with the spyware already on the device.

As the Mirror found out:

The girl became suspicious when her boyfriend of nine months seemed to know details about her life that she hadn’t told him. Police told El Periódico that she tried to leave him several times, but he was a “jealous and manipulative” character who drew her into a damaging “emotionally dependent” relationship. – Mirror

The girlfriend also told the police that the boyfriend has tried to blackmail her with information that he had collected during their relationship.

These types of spyware apps have come under increased scrutiny the last few years. In 2014, the FBI arrested the CEO of a UK-based company that sold a spyware app to individuals who suspected their romantic partners of cheating on them.