WhereIsMyVerizonFiOSAs I have written previously, since 2008, Verizon has been fleecing New York City for millions of taxpayer dollars. After agreeing to wire all five boroughs with FiOS service by June 2014 in exchange for millions in tax breaks, Verizon has failed spectacularly to fulfill their side of the agreement while taking 100% of the taxpayer money. Verizon is able to do this based on small print in the agreement which slaps Verizon on the wrist for not actually wiring anywhere close to all five boroughs.

Over the last few weeks, the New York City Mayor’s Office has expressed their displeasure with Verizon after an audit found that the city was being basically ripped-off by Verizon due to the lack of FiOS deployment.

So, rather than fight back against this criticism with news of future FiOS deployment, Verizon is issuing PR puff pieces that do nothing other than pat itself on the back. Yesterday, Verizon issued a press release that announced that New York & New Jersey FiOS customers would be receiving symmetrical speeds, meaning their upload speeds will now match their download speeds. This is news worth releasing….except it was released a year ago by Verizon.

Verizon Communications is giving its FiOS data customers another reason to smile about their experience by upgrading all of its existing data tiers to symmetrical speeds.Under its plan, Verizon said it will transition all of its qualifying residential customers to the higher upload speeds throughout the next few months. There’s no additional cost for FiOS customers that transition to the new speeds. – FierceTelecom, 07/21/14

Therefore, Verizon is simply doing this to try and get so-called “good publicity” for something they did a year ago. And the quotes….are really hilarious considering the shit storm that Verizon is in with the city.

  • “Verizon is the only mass-market service provider in the New York metro area with an all-fiber infrastructure directly to consumers’ homes.”
  • “Verizon is extending assurance and certainty — the hallmarks of its services — to its pricing by informing customers now that, after the promotional two-year period, the monthly price for the triple-play bundle will increase by $20.”
  • “Verizon has invested more than $3.5 billion on an all-fiber-optic network, providing a reliable, resilient and futuristic telecom infrastructure for the city. It is the largest, most complex, most ambitious single fiber-optic deployment in U.S. history. To date, the company has installed more than 15,000 miles of fiber-optic cabling across the city.”

At the moment, Verizon will need a lot more to be done on their end if they want the bulls-eye to be removed from their company by New York officials. Multiple cities are considering legal action and the mayor has asked that all city work with Verizon go through the mayor’s office first so that they can review the deal.