ATTUverseGigapowerAT&T continues going around the country and issuing as many press releases as possible about their 1 Gbps service (Gigapower). Recently, AT&T began naming several individual properties in two cities in Tennessee which would receive the service. That’s it. Nothing more. All of the properties were apartment complexes and none were personal residences.

Now, you may ask why I am making fun of AT&T for actually releasing such a service. I do it because AT&T has no interest whatsoever in actually expanding their Gigapower service. This is a perfect example of what AT&T wants to continue doing to cities around the country. They prefer winning the PR battles while continuing to offer their service to as few people as possible.

Ever since Google Fiber began taking the country by storm (in terms of discussion about 1 Gbps connections), AT&T has released countless PR pieces about their Gigapower service. Unfortunately for consumers, AT&T’s Gigapower service continues to be a service that very few, if really anyone, can get due to the extremely limited deployment being offered by AT&T. Add in that AT&T refuses to ever issue any sort of schedule for deployment in any city and we are left guessing about when or where this service will actually be released.


Even though AT&T has been and will continue to be “studying” hundreds of cities for Gigapower service, expect AT&T to continue upgrading select high-end developments where fiber is already in the ground. This allows them to cherry-pick the places where they can spend as little as possible and yet continue to issue as many PR pieces as possible about how great their Gigapower service is for consumers.

Nevermind that AT&T continues to tell investors they aren’t and won’t be spending much money on Gigapower service. As AT&T itself noted last year, “This expanded fiber build is not expected to impact AT&T’s capital investment plans for 2014.” AT&T is and has been making significant cuts to their fixed-line network investment budget.

Meanwhile, expect AT&T to continue discussions in the public on how they are “on track” to reach “up to 100 cities, including 21 new major metropolitan areas” with no actual plan of ever installing their service to 100 cities for the foreseeable future.

Let’s remember that AT&T is the same company who threatened to freeze all of their fiber investments “up to” 100 cities if Title II classification was passed. Then, when the FCC asked them to provide information of this phantom freeze, AT&T played stupid and acted as if they had never said anything.