CenturyLinkLogoCenturyLink has quite the history of simply doing whatever it wants.

When CenturyLink was asked by multiple city governments to increase broadband speeds across most of their service areas, CenturyLink responded by claiming publicly that their customers didn’t really want faster speeds. When Google Fiber and others began offering 1 Gbps service, CenturyLink announced that they were also offering the service across the country. Except, after the cities with the so-called CenturyLink 1 Gbps called out CenturyLink on how few, if any, customers actually were able to access this service, CenturyLink was forced to publicly apologize for over-stating their previous claims about availability. Then there are the stories about CenturyLink outright lying to customers about the broadband speeds offered.

Now, the state of Montana is taking thing into their own hands when dealing with CenturyLink.

After years of simply ignoring the state rules about fixing 90% of trouble reports within 24 hours, CenturyLink is being sued by the Montana Public Service Commission for their failure to restore out-of-service landlines. At the moment, CenturyLink is fixing just 60% of the downed phone lines in the allotted time period. Montana is asking the court to issue fines against CenturyLink.

CenturyLinkConsumerReviewsBut Montana isn’t done just yet. They also allege that CenturyLink has been misusing federal grants that were supposed to go towards increasing broadband for those under-served. Residents of the area came to the latest PSG meeting to talk about CenturyLink’s “crappy service” and to talk about how their service rarely works, struggles after rain storms and has crackling sounds whenever a customer uses the phone. One CenturyLink customer noted how she gets ridiculously better broadband service when she visits Ecuador.

To show how committed they are towards fixing this issue, CenturyLink did not send a representative to this meeting.