Reuters is reporting that cable companies are struggling to understand why consumers continue flocking to streaming video services like Netflix over their own online video services. Because of that confusion, networks and distributors plan on going with an advertising/marketing campaign this summer to try and change their customers online video habits.

Last year, it was reported that above 80% of cable customers had no idea what “TV Everywhere” was while a study done in 2013 showed that only 45% of cable customers even had access to “TV Everywhere” content. Today, up to 50% of customers continue to struggle to understand what exactly “TV Everywhere” is and how to watch entertainment on it.

The fact that the cable companies continue to ignore the actual reasons why TV Everywhere isn’t catching on is why it still won’t catch on, advertising or not. The confusion surrounding TV Everywhere is still in place today, just as it was years ago.


Cable customers still can’t watch channels that they pay for easily on their devices. Has TV Everywhere figured out how annoying it is that different networks allow for different viewing on different devices? Have they realized the extreme annoyance of being able to watch certain networks/shows in your house but not outside of it? Or the annoyance of how some channels can be watched live on my devices but most can’t?

The answer for all of these is…of course not.

In the past, cable companies put customers through hell trying to figure out what could or couldn’t be watched on their TV Everywhere platforms. It hasn’t been a year since Comcast finally allowed customers to stream their content on cellular networks. TV Everywhere authentication issues have been and continue to be a huge issue for cable companies.

As one former NBC executive noted at a public conference in 2013:

Zalaznick said that varying early iterations of TV Everywhere are somewhat complicating consumers’ understanding of the concept.

“TV Everywhere has a simple goal but if you have a complicated answer to the simple question of what it is then consumers become a little confused,” she said. – Variety, 2013

To top it all off, the cable companies still require consumers to purchase expensive, bloated TV packages to access the TV Everywhere platform. That in and of itself is going to stop many from going near it.