cd7f3-frontiercommunicationssucksThe state of Connecticut is creating a state Broadband Office to help facilitate the many efforts to bring improved broadband to their area. Although the office will not a have any regulatory authority, it will, help the state manage the recent surge of cities demanding that the state help them bring in new broadband providers to their areas.

One reason for the surge in interest by the cities is the potential for a state broadband network called the “CT Gig Project.” Years ago, this type of project was not even thinkable. But today, residents across the state are stuck with dial-up speeds and absolutely no other options for broadband.

How did it get this bad?

When Frontier purchased AT&T’s DSL/Landline customers in Connecticut last year, they promised upgrades, new jobs and great service. Since Frontier took over, however, customers have complained bitterly about the atrocious service, or lack thereof.

In fact, the broadband situation in the state is so bad that all political sides in the state came together and asked under-served cities to respond to a state request for broadband information in their areas. The state received almost 50 different cities begging for improved broadband service.

One would think that local ISP’s would realize that when cities across the state are standing together to beg for more broadband competition, it might be their service that is lacking. Nah. They simply issue PR pieces claiming how evil and unnecessary this type of project is.