CenturyLinkLogoWhen CenturyLink isn’t spending millions trying to get competition banned from their service areas, they are trying to convince current customers that they really don’t want or need faster speeds.

Now, their customer service is taking quite the hit after a woman went public with her horror story of dealing with CenturyLink.

Put simply, in January, a woman in Fargo, North Dakota, decided to switch to CenturyLink for their internet speeds. Although one would think that this would be an easy process, you would be wrong. Within several months, she was told by CenturyLink that she had four open accounts with CenturyLink:

  • One for internet
  • One for internet and phone
  • One for internet, phone and DirecTV
  • One business account

After many hours and multiple calls, the woman said that CenturyLink is currently demanding $200 for a “service disconnect fee”. Then there is the $400 monthly bill that she receives from CenturyLink for the four accounts. Or how CenturyLink threatened to report her to credit consumer services if she didn’t pay her bill.

Thankfully, she got a local station involved who seems to gotten upper management’s attention at CenturyLink. Still though, CenturyLink hasn’t actually done anything to correct the situation other than tell the local station that they were looking into it.