ATTUverseGigapowerAs I have noted in the past, AT&T continues going around the country and issuing as many press releases as possible about their 1 Gbps service (Gigapower). Recently, AT&T expanded their fiber service to….. several individual properties in two cities in Tennessee. That’s it. Nothing more. All of the properties were apartment complexes and none were personal residences.

Now? AT&T is expanding their fiber service again!

AT&T placed another star in the crown of 4-Star Industrial Park on Wednesday when it designated it as “AT&T Fiber Ready.” – Courier Press

Well, that is a bit of a let-down considering most areas around the park are desperately hoping to get their hands on the faster speeds.

“It’s also important that we remember high-speed Internet that AT&T will develop in our area … that will develop the communication highway we so desperately need.” – Doug Bell, board chairman of 4-Star Industrial Park.

How was the party that AT&T put on for this announcement?

About 35 people attended the announcement, including state Reps. Suzanne Miles, David Watkins, and Jim Gooch as well as various local government and civic leaders. – Courtier Press

I am sad that I missed it.

As I have written about previously, AT&T has no interest whatsoever in actually expanding their Gigapower service. They prefer winning the PR battles while continuing to offer their service to as few people as possible. Ever since Google Fiber began taking the country by storm (in terms of discussion about 1 Gbps connections), AT&T has released countless PR pieces about their Gigapower service.

Unfortunately for consumers, AT&T’s Gigapower service continues to be a service that very few, if really anyone, can get due to the extremely limited deployment being offered by AT&T. Add in that AT&T refuses to ever issue any sort of schedule for deployment in any city and we are left guessing about when or where this service will actually be released.