Today, we have several businesses in Midland, Texas who are having issues with AT&T service due to recent rain that has damaged AT&T lines.

  • Brian Whisenhunt, executive director of the Museum of the Southwest, said that AT&T has given his organization very little information and that only one line is open to forward calls.
  • Beverly Dyer, who is the office manager for neurosurgeon Srikanth Deme, said that since June 15 her office’s four lines have been down and they have had to use personal cellphones for work.
  • In the office of pediatrician Debbie Reese, the phones and Internet went dead on July 23. Reese said she is unable to bill patients, make electronic prescriptions or access hospital files.

So, don’t they just switch to another provider?

When she (Debbie Reese) looked to switch to another provider, such as Grande Communications, she was told that she was on the wrong side of the street and that AT&T was her only option. – Midland Reporter-Telegram

So many choices.