Several years ago, I had an issue with my Verizon coverage. When I was at work, I couldn’t get a signal. It didn’t matter that my desk was near a window or that a tower was close by. Considering my job depended on my cellphone working properly, I ordered a Verizon Extender. For those who don’t know what a Verizon Extender is, it is basically a device that allows someone to use the internet to extend cellular service for 40 feet or so from the device.

But in my case, it was a complete disaster. I continued getting little to no coverage and got no help from Verizon. I simply gave up after a few weeks.

So, I was not that surprised to see Network World write a new article detailing the issues that Verizon Extender continues to have.

1) Much as they did when Verizon Extender was first introduced years ago, Verizon still charges customers for any calls made through the extender. This makes little sense considering a customer purchases the extender device and any calls made through the device is done on the internet, not on the wireless carrier’s cellular network.

2) Recent users of Verizon Extender still say it is terrible at its job, creating/extending a cellular network from the internet. As one reader commented on his review of the extender:

“it is a crapshoot as to whether the extender will connect to our phones (iPhone 6)… We never know what to expect and even repeated calls to the [support number] gives the recording, “You are not connected to your wireless extended. Move to within three feet and try again in 5 minutes, etc.” Well, duh, why would I be calling them if I was connected?? Idiots!” – Network World

3) Sales reps for Verizon continue misleading customers about the cost of the extender. I was also told that I could receive a “free” extender when I first called Verizon about my dead-zone issues. I never got a “free” one and had to pay almost $200 for it. As the article at Network World noted, other customers seem to be getting the same switch from Verizon sales reps.