CordCuttingThe TV industry seems to have a death wise of some sorts. As cord-cutting continues to grow and TV ratings drop, TV executives have found the perfect plan to get customers back: More commercials!

With linear TV ratings dropping another 9 percent in the second quarter, major cable networks now appear to be stuffing as many as 10 percent more commercials into every hour of programming to sustain their margins. – Fierce Cable

Which begs the question of which idiot thought that this would be a good idea? As one analyst noted, “not only can this not be sustained going forward, it further contributes to the audience declines.”

CuttingCordBusinessinsiderchartThis isn’t exactly new though as some pointed out months ago, more advertising is and has been thrown into our TV content in order to make up for the loss of viewers.

Bernstein Research’s Todd Juenger Moffett Nathanson Research’s Michael Nathanson were the two gentlemen that conducted the study, finding that overall networks increased ad content by 3.5% across the board versus the same time period in 2013 (Q4 occurs during the last three months of the year). That’s a lot of networks that shifted how many ads were seen by audiences, and despite a 3.5% increase overall, some networks increased advertising by an even higher percent. – Cinema Blend

According to Deadline, the networks that added the most ads were the ones that saw viewership decrease the most.

So, expect more ads…..and more cord-cutting….and more losses for the TV industry.