When it comes to lawsuits where someone is alleging that they have “fallen” and gotten “hurt”, I am quite suspicious. But if the basic facts of this story are true, Suddenlink should be ashamed.

To quickly summarize, the WVRecord writes about a former Suddenlink employee suing the company after she was denied disability benefits after she was hurt on the job when climbing a ladder. The woman alleges that after she fell from the ladder during a cable installation, Suddenlink denied her disabilities benefits, workers compensation and other benefits.

Now, there are a number of factors that tend to make me lean towards the employee. As the lawsuits alleges:

  1. The employee worked at Suddenlink for 10 years
  2. Before the employee went on the ladder for the cable installation, she reported to Suddenlink on the radio that the job looked dangerous.
  3. Suddenlink had had two male employees refuse to work at this installation site in the past due to its dangerous conditions.
  4. The woman claims to have asked to go BACK to work after several surgeries.

Again, assuming these are true….which I imagine are all easy verifiable….that is amazing.