It is rare that customers are given a heads up on how their cell service will be in the next few months.

But in Sioux City, Iowa, Verizon customers were given just that gift by local city officials.

Verizon Wireless customers in Sioux City could experience poor service on the city’s north side until mid-October, city officials said. – SiouxCityJournal

The reason for the upcoming terrible service is due to Verizon being the only company (out of three) that didn’t properly remove and relocate their equipment on a local water tower due to a new paint job being put on the tower by the city. Although the city told Verizon about this work on the tower, the city continues receiving complaints JUST from Verizon customers in the area.

So, Verizon customers in the area…..see if Verizon will allow you to pay them a smaller amount than usual every month until mid-October.