For years, CenturyLink has spent millions trying to stop competitors from entering their service areas.

  • In Seattle, CenturyLink spent millions “educating” the public in the evils of actual TV/Broadband competition from “Gigabit Squared”, a city-owned municipal broadband network. CenturyLink won and got the idea scrapped even though everyone in the city/area hated the level of service being provided by CenturyLink.
  • In Missouri, CenturyLink played a significant part in bribing donating money to political friends that helped pass a state law that banned municipal broadband networks.
  • In North Carolina, CenturyLink even wrote letters of congratulations to those who helped the company get a law passed which again, banned municipal broadband networks.
  • In Utah, CenturyLink has spent many millions trying every possible way of bankrupting UTOPIA, a broadband network that began after customers were left with no other option for reliable broadband service.

During these fights with cities and competitors, CenturyLink claimed that the company would suffer financially if a new competitor was brought into their service markets. In virtually all cases, CenturyLink won and got their laws passed that restricted anyone but CenturyLink to service the areas. Which is likely why CenturyLink can now report more than $18 billion in revenue for 2014.

So, how is CenturyLink rewarding these areas? By slashing thousands of jobs. As CenturyLink noted, they are reducing their workforce across the country.

CenturyLink is laying off about 1,000 workers company wide, officials for the Monroe, La.-based telecommunications company confirmed Friday. – Denver Post

Which makes sense as CenturyLink is sending out PR packets hourly it seems to promote their new 1 Gbps services, Prism TV, possible OTT video service, etc….why would you then need additional employees?

By the way, does anyone remember the CenturyLink/Qwest merger several years ago? Wasn’t that $10 billion dollar deal supposed to….create jobs? Right after the merger was completed, CenturyLink didn’t waste any time in firing 400 employees. Since then, has a single job been created because of the merger?

CenturyLinkQwestSiteAs some noted, CenturyLink promised new jobs in 2010 when they were negotiating with regulators to have theĀ CenturyTel-Embarq Merger approved. In the end, the merger was allowed and it has only produced thousands of job cuts.