In today’s story of data caps hurting consumers, we have twitter’s issue with video ads playing automatically, even after some twitter users had previously turned off the ability of the ads to play automatically.

As Slate wrote about recently:

This summer, Twitter made an unpopular move: It began playing videos automatically in users’ feeds. When Twitter launched autoplay videos on June 16, it turned them on by default for all users. Those who didn’t want them had to go into their phone’s settings and opt out, either by turning them off altogether or allowing them to play only via a Wi-Fi connection.

As the story notes, many users were complaining to Twitter because the videos were sucking up a “lot of mobile data”.

Predictably, the move by Twitter sparked a flurry of posts on tech blogs telling users exactly how to turn off autoplay videos to avoid data overages and battery drain.

As sad as this may be, data caps continue to be a source of frustration for many wireless customers.