As we have previously discussed, AT&T customer service is an absolute disaster. According to just about every customer service study done, AT&T is almost always at or near the bottom of the rankings. It isn’t hard to see why AT&T is ranked so low considering we read stories about AT&T charging grandparents $25,000 for a $51 bill, lying to customers about whether charges will actually be removed from their monthly bill, billing customers for e-mail address that they don’t want and many other things.

Now, we have a Dallas Morning News writer that is fed up trying to help so many readers who complain about their AT&T service. Dave Lieber, who runs the Watchdog section of the paper, has gotten so many complaints about AT&T over the years, that he is almost speechless in trying to figure out how AT&T and DirecTV could be allowed to merge.

For an entire decade, I’ve sent reader complaints to AT&T. I know I’ve sent them a thousand or more. They assign a handler to me.  First I sent them to Sarah. That worked until Luz replaced her as my handler. After that, my complaints were shipped to Meredith, then Carrie and Alejandra. Now they go to Dale Ingram. Dale and I trade emails all the time, too much so.  The megacorp has, I believe, accepted that its customer service will never get close to excellent. The company is so big that the left arm doesn’t even know there’s a right arm.  Now that AT&T has bought DirecTV, all I can say is uh-oh. – Dallas Morning News

Which sounds about right. The idea that the merger with DirecTV would somehow improve AT&T customer service is and always has been a complete fantasy.

TelecomWorstCustomerServiceNot to worry though as the watchdog writer has hope for AT&T in the future….or not.

I promise you I could write a Watchdog column based solely on my mail every day only about AT&T. I’d never run out of topics. I get so many complaints about AT&T, and have for so long, that I am quite sick of it. – Dallas Morning News

But it will get better. When DirecTV and AT&T officially released a statement about the merger, they spent a sizable part of the statement dedicating their new resources to drastically improve their customer service. Wait, nevermind, they didn’t even mention it.