RSTFiberFrontPageRST Fiber was one of the first telecom companies to announce plans to install a 1 Gbps service in select North Carolina cities.

But over the last year, RST Fiber has been under heat in North Carolina for simply ignoring customer complaints about their service and/or not installing the service at all. Last year, the city of Wake Forest cancelled a broadband internet contract with RST Fiber because RST Fiber wouldn’t return their calls. To this day, RST Fiber hasn’t serviced anyone in Wake Forest.

In Shelby, NC, some residents do have access to the 1 Gbps service. Unfortunately, the service is terrible. Some customers have even had their service get cut off for no reason. When anyone tries calling RST Fiber, they get no answers nor are able to speak to anyone.

After numerous people filed complaints with the NC Attorney Generals Office about RST Fiber, the AG’s office is now looking into what RST Fiber is actually doing.

But how does RST Fiber respond to these allegations from a number of different people?

When reached by phone, RST’s Gastonia-based attorney, Chris Whelchel of the Gray Layton law firm, repeated a claim made in the written response to the AG’s office – that the operators of RST Fiber had no idea customers were complaining until they read about it in a newspaper. – BizJournals

As the Triangle Business Journal found, numerous RST Fiber customers continue to complain that their emails and calls about service disruptions are not being answered.

Then there are still questions about whether RST Fiber is actually installing “fiber” to residents.