VirginMobileDataRolloverAccording to the CEO of Virgin Mobile, other telecoms are making tons of money off consumers because of the data restrictions placed on those consumers.

The chief executive of Virgin Mobile has accused competitors of making “bucket loads” of money by “selling air” as he heralded the “customer first” strategy behind his firm’s data rollover offer. David Scribner said it was “amazing” customers are forbidden from carrying over unused data, texts and calls and claimed consumer’s still have little idea of the value of data. – Mumbrella

Technically, he is correct. The fact that customers have such low data caps to begin with and can’t roll over unused data is quite sad. Still, other telecoms like Vodafone continue to believe that the way forward with customers is by threatening them with overages if the customers use average amounts of data every month.

But, does Virgin Mobile not feel even the slightest bit hypocritical in mentioning other companies milking customers for every last dime?

  • Wasn’t Virgin Mobile the company who advertised new and exciting cheap wireless plans with “unlimited data” even though using a small amount of data throttled the customer to dial-up speeds?
  • Then Virgin Mobile decided to throttle those “unlimited data” plan customers to EVEN SLOWER speeds starting last year if they used just 2.5GB in a month.
  • Wasn’t Virgin Mobile the company who caught significant amounts of criticism for charging excessive amounts for data in 2014?
  • Wasn’t Virgin Mobile the company who started sending letters threatening home broadband users with new fees if they didn’t reduce their data usage, even though their data usage wasn’t any higher than in past months?