CoxLogoThe other day, Cox Communications had an exciting new announcement. 1 Gbps service is coming to San Diego! Well, not really….

Cox Communications … is launching a new 1 gigabit per second service in three new residential developments in the county – the 45-story Pinnacle apartment tower downtown, a new single family housing development near Escondido and another new single family project in north San Diego County. – San Diego Union Tribune

As the story goes on to say, Cox is talking to other “other new housing developments to expand its 1 gigabit footprint.”

Translation: Others in San Diego shouldn’t expect the service anytime soon.

In the past, I have discussed how broadband providers are responding to Google Fiber by going around the country and issuing as many press releases as possible about their upcoming 1 Gbps services. In reality, none of the providers are actually providing 1 Gbps service to these cities. They simply pick several individual developments in select cities….give them the 1 Gbps service….and well, that’s it.

ATTGigapowerComingCitiesThere is a reason that the broadband providers always refuse to issue any sort of schedule for 1 Gbps deployment in any city. As Karl Bode at DSLReports notes, the broadband providers are issuing “fiber to the press“.