cablevisionbuildingThis week, a U.S. District Court judge found that Cablevision’s ads calling Verizon a “liar” must stop. At issue were ads by Cablevision in which they called Verizon liars for claiming that their FiOS service and Wi-Fi were the fastest.

One Western-themed television ad has Cablevision’s sheriff telling Verizon that “this town’s had enough of your lies,” according to court papers.  Another advertisement, this one space themed, has a Cablevision Optimum truck defeating a Verizon FiOS alien spaceship’s laser, saying, “Your evil lies are powerless, FiOS.” The text at the bottom states: “FiOS claims they have the fastest WiFi. But truth is, Optimum’s WiFi is unbeatable.” –

Verizon responded to this win by gloating a bit. Calling it a “complete legal smackdown”, Verizon claimed that this lawsuit makes it “clear, and confirmed by a court, that if you want faster Internet upload and download speeds and the ability to access those speeds wirelessly, Verizon offers it.” Cablevision responded to Verizon’s response (confused yet?) by claiming that they would “challenge Verizon’s claims, not only through the legal system but also in the court of public opinion.”

Will these two just shut up? Hey Verizon, nobody looks at the decision and thinks “Well, that settles it….Verizon has the faster internet.” Also, Cablevision, for the love of god, just stop acting like you are fighting some worthy cause. There is not a single person who believes your service remotely matches FiOS.


At what point will either provider realize that people are laughing at both of them for this legal situation? Both Cablevision and Verizon have histories of suing others and getting sued for so-called “false advertising”.

In 2011, Cablevision sued Verizon for advertising claims about their speeds. They eventually settled the case. When Verizon didn’t like Time Warner Cable claiming that they had faster speeds, Verizon sued them. When Cablevision didn’t like the Communications Workers of America claiming that Cablevision’s speeds were slow, Cablevision sued them.

Again, has any of this actually accomplished anything?