As this site has discussed on several occasions, Verizon has been under significant heat lately for their lack of expansion of FiOS service in the state of New York after taking billions in taxpayer dollars in 2008 to do such an expansion.

The mayor of New York has since called out Verizon for the lack of expansion while city officials in Cheektowaga, NY have even asked the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) to force Verizon to install FIOS in the central part of their town.

Today, city officials, including the mayor of Albany, gathered at a press conference today to attack Verizon for not expanding their FiOS service to more parts of the city. They even took a shot at Time Warner Cable for being their only option at the moment.

As News10 notes:

Tthe Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, alongside state senator Neil Breslin and Assemblyman John McDonald said customers are now at the mercy of a Time Warner Cable monopoly.  The group says the failure to build has hurt jobs, consumers and electronic development. They say Verizon is also abandoning its landline network and are demanding the public service commission to take a look at the company.

The chances of Verizon responding to the city with anything of substance is low. Rather than fight back against all of the recent criticism, Verizon is still busy issuing PR puff pieces that do nothing other than pat itself on the back.