ATTLogoPriceDid you hear? AT&T is changing up their mobile data plans. AT&T is now merging their 1GB and 3GB plans into a 2GB plan. They are also charging new amounts for each plan:

  • 300MB for $20 (Previously the same price)
  • 2GB for $30 (New Plan)
  • 5GB for $50 (Previously 6GB plan for $70 per)
  • 15GB for $100 (Previously 10 GB for $100)
  • 20GB for $140 (Previously 20GB for $150)

Now, for some people/families, this will save them money. I don’t see how anyone saves a significant amount but maybe I am wrong for a specific group of people. But AT&T is also raising the price of data overages and other fees when a customer chooses one of these new plans.

  • If you are planning on purchasing any plan under $100 a month, you will now pay $25 per line.
  • If you get the 15GB (or higher) plan, you will now be charged $15 per line.
  • If you go over your data caps with a 2GB plan, the data overages are $15 per GB over, a $5 increase from past AT&T plans.
  • Want data overages to roll over? Tough

ATTFamilyGuyDroppedCallsAs usual, AT&T made some small changes, increased a bit of data for most (some got more, some got less) and kept a number of their arbitrary, idiotic corporate policies. This move comes after it leaked that AT&T was increasing its activation fee from $40 to $45 for both one and two-year contract customers.