WelcomeNexMexicoYou have to love politics. They really are a shining example of pure hypocrisy. Today, we have a Republican, Steve Pearce, who represents the Second District in Southern New Mexico. Pearce has been a fierce opponent of net neutrality. That in itself is not my issue. Many smart people oppose it (even though I agree with it).

My issue with Pearce is that when he bashes net neutrality, he claims to want the government to stay out of the way with broadband providers. On multiple occasions, Pearce has mentioned his distaste for government involved with the internet:

  • “These actions (net neutrality) would undermine the free marketplace and restrict the ability of these businesses to offer unique and innovative products.” Pearce said. – BizJournals
  • “(Net neutrality) is a blatant attempt to take over the Internet by the Obama Administration and its appointed Washington, D.C. bureaucrats…The (FCC) has wrongly given the federal government more power over people in their everyday lives. The last thing we need in this country is more Washington-driven regulation where the government tells you what you can do online and at what price – stifling innovation and growth.” – Pearce, House.gov

Strong stuff. He must really want the government to be as far away from broadband providers as possible.


So, today, I was reading an article that detailed how the U.S, Department of Agriculture was giving millions of dollars to Mescalero city officials so that the area can significantly upgrade their non-existent broadband infrastructure. Specifically, Mescalero Apache Telephone was being given $5 million dollars through the Rural Development’s Rural Utilities Service’s Telecommunications Loan Program and the Substantially Underserved Trust Land Programs.

With the loan, MATI can upgrade specific portions of its copper cable facilities with fiber, primarily aimed at the homes of 1,178 telephone customers and 500 data customers currently served by the company, which is a wholly-owned corporation of the tribe that operates one exchange serving the reservation. – Ruidoso News

Say, how did this city get the government to help them out?

Statements of support for the Mescalero project were issued by U.S. Sens. Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall, Democrats from New Mexico and U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce, a Republican who represents the Second Congressional District, sent a representative to the ceremony Thursday. – Ruidoso News

Obviously, to protest this….right?

In fact, didn’t Pearce sign off on a letter TO THE FCC in support of additional FCC funds for broadband expansion in his local area? Why yes, yes he did. Essentially he is saying: GET OUT OF MY LIFE GOVERNMENT! Oh, except when it helps my area.


Click Here For Pearce Letter to the FCC