cd7f3-frontiercommunicationssucks‘Frontier Communications is in the middle of convincing federal and state regulators that their purchase of $10.5 billion worth of Verizon assets across California is a good thing for consumers. Even though Frontier has not actually given a single pro-consumer reason for the purchase, Frontier executives continue discussing the same talking points to the media. One of which has caught my eye.

As Simi Valley Acorn writes:

If federal and state regulators approve a $10.5-billion buyout deal, millions of Verizon broadband and FiOS customers in Ventura County and across California should experience a seamless transition to Frontier Communications next year, a senior Frontier official said.

Except, nothing in Frontier’s past suggests that the transition will be easy for consumers. Nothing. In 2014, Frontier bought $2 billion worth of assets from AT&T across the northeast part of the US. It has been an utter and complete disaster for everyone involved. As one newspaper article has detailed, consumers almost universally hate the service that they have gotten from Frontier since the purchase of AT&T’s assets.

What are some of the highlights of this “transition”?

  • “Since the transition to Frontier’s service in late October, consumers have filed more than 900 complaints with the state Department of Consumer Protection, 200 with the state attorney general’s office and 240 with the state’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA).”
  • “PURA has received more quality-of-service complaints about Frontier (124) in little more than a month than the combined totals this year of every cable provider in the state.”

When you read some of the specific stories written about in the article, it should shock anyone with a broadband or cable subscription. One ex-Frontier customer spends $50 more a month with another telecom after Frontier simply wouldn’t fix his service. Another ex-Frontier customer still has not been given answers as to why his TV package changed dramatically without any warning after the Frontier/AT&T purchase.

When the State of Connecticut finally called out Frontier in front of a state hearing, Frontier “declined to talk about specific complaints related to the changeover from AT&T.” But Frontier did tell the state that almost all of the complaints filed by consumers in the area had already been resolved. When asked to give specifics about these finished complaints, Frontier declined to provide that information.


Heck, maybe we are beating up on just one Frontier transaction. In 2010, Frontier purchased Verizon assets for roughly $8.6 billion. How did that transition go?

Frontier Communications has been rather ungracefully trying to offload or otherwise scare away the 100,000 FiOS TV customers it acquired in its deal with Verizon, first with a huge 50% price hike and botched DirecTV offer, and now with a massive $500 installation fee to frighten off new customers…Oregon regulators feel they were lied to, Portland’s Metropolitan Area Communications Commission (MACC) accusing Frontier of having this plan all along, going so far as last week urging consumers to go sign up with Comcast. For Frontier’s part, their strategy in dealing with the criticism so far has been to lie about the fact they’re clearly exiting the TV business, and now to ignore both MACC and media requests entirely in the hopes it all goes away.” – DSLReports

In fact, Stop The Cap got a letter from a Frontier employee (former Verizon employee) that pretty much destroyed the company.


Well, that should make everyone in California feel reassured.