Recently, an opinion piece was written in the Desert Sun newspaper in which the author blasts the passing of net neutrality rules by the FCC. According to Pat Fong Kushida, president and CEO of the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce, net neutrality is really a big government takeover that will “drive up Internet costs and dramatically curtail investment in new networks.”

If that sounds familiar, it is likely because it is the exact same talking points that ISP’s have made for months now. The same points that have been repeatedly, and I mean repeatedly, debunked as utter garbage. Network investment continues rising and I am still waiting on what, where or how these magical taxes will appear due to net neutrality.

Then, Kushida goes on to write about a really scare future!

One leading industry analyst says the switch to Title II brings a “real risk of price regulation” for the Internet and warns that “growth rate assumptions need to be lowered” as a result. Translation: a body blow to the Internet economy and the jobs and investment it produces. – Desert Sun

To start with, why not just name who this analyst is….I mean, if you are going to throw around that the person is a “leading industry analyst”….don’t we deserve his/her name? The reason is likely because the person she is referring to is Craig Moffett, a telecom analyst who can’t seem to pick a side on any telecom issue. The quotes that Kushida talks about are found in this article.

If you don’t know, Moffett has quite the history with his so-called predictions.

So, that is why she didn’t mention Moffett by name. Who would listen to him when it comes to predicting the future of the telecom industry under net neutrality rules?

But let’s get back to the author of the piece in the Desert Sun. Why is this person writing an opinion piece in the Desert Sun? Who exactly is the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce?

As president and CEO of the largest ethnic chamber in California, we represent the interests of over 600,000 Asian Pacific Islander-owned businesses. – Desert Sun

Let’s check out their web-site….

In fact, AT&T is their main “strategic partner” according to their web-site.

Sigh. Why was this not told to us on the opinion piece? It blows my mind that these fake-consumer/fake-business groups continue receiving millions in money from the telecom industry yet can continue claiming independence in the media. Is it that much to ask that those paid by the telecom industry…..say that?