VerizonBuildingUglyIn New York, we have the rather amazing story of Verizon leaving a building abandoned for 20 years, all the while paying property tax on the lot and therefore keeping it in their name. The building used to be an AT&T building….in the 1950’s.

Now, it simply sits there with broken windows and rotting ceilings. Residents near the building got so fed up with the look of the building that they began cutting its grass.

Dave Smith knows the abandoned Verizon property next door to his Camillus home all too well. For 20 years, he cut the grass on the property because Verizon wouldn’t. About five years ago, another neighbor took over the task. –

But maybe Verizon didn’t know. They are a big company….maybe it just slipped through the cracks? Did anyone tell them?

Butler and her neighbors say Verizon has failed to respond to many requests that it take better care of the property. After years of frustration, they contacted U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY. –

In fact, Schumer tried contacting Verizon himself but they didn’t return his calls. Wow. Also, not only is Schumer involved but the local mayor has gotten so annoyed by Verizon’s lack of care to the building that she is actually calling Verizon out publicly.

Of course, after Verizon got all this media attention for the house, what did they do?

However, on Monday morning, three hours before the senator held his press conference, a crew hired by Verizon showed up and cut the grass and trimmed the weeds, neighbors said. It was the first time in years that someone other than a neighbor has mowed the lawn, they said. –

More evidence as to why telecom customer service is so abysmal.