Need help? Just scream as loud as possible…maybe somebody will eventually come and help.

A Colorado-based digital phone and broadband Internet provider is expanding its service near two Nebraska towns ā€” and receiving federal funds to do so ā€” despite a state regulator’s concerns that it can’t guarantee callers will have 911 access when disaster strikes. – Journal Star

Rise Broadband is receiving $16.9 million in federal funding to expand its rural broadband and digital voice services in parts of Nebraska. Rise offers customers the ability to make calls and connect them with the Internet using a “fixed wireless” service. Meaning, customers use a mounted antennae to beam a person’s Internet signal from one location to another.

So, if the power goes out or the internet goes out, you’re screwed.

To be fair though….who really has a landline anymore? And….should everyone really have access to 9-1-1?