Several weeks ago, AT&T threw a party because they had decided to expand their 1 Gbps service, named GigaPower, to a single park in Henderson, Kentucky. Several weeks before that, AT&T threw a party because they were expanding GigaPower to several business buildings in Nashville, Tennessee. In the past, AT&T has thrown parties for simply announcing that GigaPower “might” be coming to a city.

Now? AT&T is really expanding GigaPower….this time, to a residential apartment building in Mundelein, Illinois. Residents of Cardinal Square will now have access to the 1 Gbps service.

In fact, AT&T just had a ribbon cutting ceremony for it.

ATTGigaPowerRibbonCuttingIllinois“We’re excited to team up with TRES to launch our ultra-high-speed AT&T GigaPower network within Cardinal Square,” said Paul La Schiazza, AT&T Illinois President. “People want the latest technologies, and AT&T is delivering.” –

As I have written about previously, AT&T has no interest in actually expanding their GigaPower service. AT&T prefers going around the country and issuing as many press releases as possible about their 1 Gbps service. This allows AT&T to compete in the so-called PR battle against Google Fiber all the while continuing to offer their service to as few people as possible.

Unfortunately for consumers, AT&T’s GigaPower service continues to be a service that very few can get due to the extremely limited deployment being offered by AT&T. Add in that AT&T refuses to ever issue any sort of schedule for deployment in any city and we are left guessing about when or where this service will actually be released in the future.