PigsFlyingRecently, Comcast has made national news for their prediction that their entire service footprint will be ready to support their 10 Gbps service by the start of 2018.

Unfortunately for everyone, the chances of this happening are slim. Comcast has quite the history of making promises that it has no interest in actually keeping. Comcast tends to make these promises when they need something from the government (ie merger approval) or simply want to get good PR.

Let’s go back and look at their list of “promises”:

  • Throttling

In 2009, Comcast was caught lying to customers about their peer-to-peer blocking techniques. After the FCC got involved, Comcast made all sorts of promises about not blocking such data. Except, as others pointed out, Comcast didn’t keep this promise.

  • Comcast/NBCUniversal Merger

In 2011, Free Press reported that Comcast was already violating terms of its merger acquisition with NBC Universal. According to the conditions of the NBCUniversal, Comcast agreed to increase local and Spanish-language news programs for five years and produce an additional 1,000 hours annually of original news programs for a number of its stations. Except, after the merger was approved, Comcast deliberately counted commercials toward its local news hours and aired less than an hour of local news per day on many of its Telemundo stations.

  • Customer Service

How many times has Comcast promised to fix their customer service? We had Comcast roll out their “Customer Guarantee” in 2010 that was an abysmal failure. Not to worry, the Comcast/NBCUniversal merger will fix Comcast customer service…just as Comcast promised….or not. Ok, the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger will fix their customer service! Who the hell believed that?

In fact, when Comcast bought AT&T broadband assets in 2002…..what did we hear?

This vibrant new company is a leader in serving consumers with exciting new products and technologies, and is focused on providing the highest standards in customer service.” – Comcast CEO, 2002

  • Net Neutrality

Recently, Comcast has promised us that they love “net neutrality”? You know, except for the actual rules of net neutrality….which they openly don’t like.