VirginMediaBransonBoltIn England, Virgin Media is auto-enrolling all broadband customers into their public WiFi network program. This means that those customers personal routers will be used by Virgin Media to offer free WiFi service to anyone around them. This network will be available to everyone, including non-Virgin Mobile subscribers. If you aren’t a subscriber, your speeds will be capped at .5 Mbps while Virgin Mobile subscribers will be capped at 10 Mbps.

But if you want to opt out of the service, Virgin Media has thrown in a bit of a curve-ball:

For those Virgin Media subscribers unhappy with the prospect of sharing their network connection, the company is offering an opt-out setting. Enabling this option however will … prohibit the subscriber from accessing other free WiFi spots. – TheStack

One would think that a customer paying a monthly amount for Virgin Media service would get them access to these networks….but apparently not.

While Virgin Media, like Comcast here in the US, claims that security will be no issue, there are still many warning WiFi sharing customers that they could face security issues due to random people getting access to the WiFi network.

Also, why is Virgin Media doing this when they still have absurd data caps in place? I thought they needed the throttling and data caps to keep network congestion down? Does that not apply now?