ATTLogoPriceAT&T loves them some big, bad government intervention.

For example, yesterday it was announced that AT&T had accepted “$428 million per year in the second level of Connect America Funding over six years ($2.6 billion), with an option for a seventh, which means potentially about $3 billion in funds to deliver broadband to more than 2.2 million people.”

Then there is AT&T’s love of Washington DC politics. Look at how much time and money AT&T spends in Washington DC. They admit this freely:

When AT&T attempted to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion in 2011, the company retained 34 firms and spent $20.2 million, including nearly $7 million in the months leading up to its announcement about the purchase. By the end of the year, after the deal fell apart, the company had ditched nine of the lobbying firms. In 2013, AT&T spent more than $15.9 million to lobby the federal government, and the company’s influence arsenal includes 23 outside firms — including three members-turned-lobbyists at two of K Street’s top shops. – TheHill

Then there is AT&T’s love of Uncle Sam helping them out come tax time. According to the Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, Verizon and AT&T enjoy business benefits that few others get in the country. In fact, the telecom industry as a whole paid an effective tax rate of 8.2 percent during the 2008–2010 period while other businesses were hit with the typical 35 percent corporate tax rate.